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  • I'm Louise Perkins. I founded CSO Emerita LLC to help non-profits optimize their research.

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    Why CSO Emerita LLC?

    In 2019, I retired from the Melanoma Research Alliance as CSO Emerita.
    If you aren't familiar with Latin, emerita is the feminine form of the more familiar word, emeritus. 
    CSO Emerita LLC seemed a good fit for my business name.
    It's who I am and what I do.

  • Research insight to enhance your success.

    Here are a few examples of the projects that can advance your scientific mission.

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    Scientific Strategy

    Could your scientific agenda be updated to accelerate your research?

    Guide your program for the future and for success with a research strategy developed with multifaceted stakeholder input.

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    Partnering and Evaluation

    Who are possible partners or what's the science behind potential new treatments?

    Working directly on behalf of your group, a scientific leader can open new doors and delve more deeply to support your mission.

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    Research Return on Investment

    Want to know what 's the return on your organization's research investment?

    A deep dive into your research ROI helps to identify successes and shortcomings in your organization's approach.



    Check out these links to get an idea of my work.

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    MRA Scientific Strategy




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    Please be in touch. I look forward to discussing your scientific program goals and needs.